Kristen Gale


Colorado born Kristen Gale comes from a family of avid photographers but, often annoyed with being the subject of practice shots, did not consider picking up the camera herself until she began traveling and backpacking as an adult. 

Now an avid traveler, her camera is always within reach. Backpacking trips in the San Juan Mountains, safaris in East Africa, road trips around Iceland, and excursions in cities across Europe all offer beauty and history that seemed to demand to be photographed. Luckily, her husband Nathan is a saint who rarely complains about all the times he hears, "Ooh, wait! Let's stop for a photo!"

Capturing these moments has led to a love of photography and learning. Safaris in particular have sparked a particular love for wildlife. Between trips, Kristen practices on their seven pets, in their garden, and around town. 

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